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How to help UK wildlife in May

19 May 2023

Spring is now at its peak with the wonder of the dawn chorus serenading us on early mornings, trees bursting into leaf and wildflowers blooming from unmown spaces. As much of our wildlife are now raising young, it's an important time to give them a helping a hand. 

Here's five actions for local wildlife you can do in May.


Take part in No Mow May

Every year during May, the environmental charity Plantlife encourages everyone to put away the lawn mower and let their lawn grow long! Free the wildflowers in your grass so they can grow wild and provide a feast for pollinators, tackle pollution, and lock away carbon below ground.

Join the Garden Butterfly Survey


The Garden Butterfly Survey is a research project run by Butterfly Conservation. The results help them understand how best to help butterflies in our gardens. All you need to do is log your butterfly sightings at least once a month.

Create an account and start logging your sightings here

Plant native species

One of the best ways to help our native wildlife is by planting native species. Our wildlife has evolved alongside these plants and trees, which means they rely on them to thrive.

Find out more about plants that benefit wildlife here

Put away pesticides


The use of pesticides is one of the biggest causes of wildlife decline. When used in our natural spaces such as gardens, it kills off all kinds of small critters including insects and snails. This in turn impacts other wildlife that depend on these creatures for food such as birds and hedgehogs. So putting away the pesticides and letting these critters be can make a huge positive difference for our wildlife. 

Find out more on how to go pesticide-free and the alternatives you can use here

Join the Pollinator Picnic

Pollinator Picnic is a nationwide campaign from Naturehood to get people outside, enjoying their local green spaces and doing something positive to support British wildlife.

Supporting your local wildlife has never been so easy (or tasty!) all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up – grab your free Pollinator Picnic Pack
  2. Plan your event – prepare for your event with our planning and fundraising resources
  3. Enjoy – have fun at the event with your guests
  4. Donate – help support Britain’s wonderful wildlife

Sign up to get your FREE Pollinator Picnic Pack here


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