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Actions to help

Support the wildlife on your doorstep

Take action in your Naturespace

Your Naturespace is where you take action for wildlife - this could be a garden, patio, balcony, allotment, communal green space or even a window box! These areas can provide plenty of food and shelter for animals, and act as safe stepping stones between larger wildlife reserves. 

Naturehood provides lots of step-by-step guides, information and inspiration for positive actions you can take to support wildlife. 

Naturehood Wildlife Actions

These are the actions we support you to take. You'll find all the information and step-by-step guides.

Establish a flower-rich lawn

How to create a lawn that supports pollinators

Leaf piles, log piles and composting

Three ways to create hibernation spaces for different types of wildlife

Plant trees & shrubs for wildlife

Our tips for planting things that provide food and shelter for wildlife

Plant flowers for pollinators

What to plant throughout the year to help pollinators thrive

Make a wildlife pond

Create your own pond, big or small, and support an incredible range of wildlife

Pull up your paving

Create more green spaces for wildlife

Put away the pesticides

Find natural ways to look after your Naturespace

Provide wildlife housing

Guides to make a hedgehog house, bee hotel and sparrow terrace

Create wildlife passageways

Create space for wildlife to find a safe network of food and shelter