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Join the Pollinator Picnic

Take action for bees, butterflies, and more this summer!

We’re inviting everyone from St Bees and Leighton BUZZard to Beeston and WhitBEE to grab their friends and family and enjoy a picnic whilst raising money for Naturehood.   

There are so many ways you can get involved with the Pollinator Picnic. From having a picnic with family and friends, to fundraising with your community, to planting wildflowers, to counting pollinators and contributing to science. 

Taking part is easy, all you need to do is: 

  1. Sign up – download your free Pollinator Picnic Pack  
  2. Plan your Picnic – prepare for your event with our guides   
  3. Enjoy – have fun on the day with your guests   
  4. Donate – help support Britain’s wonderful wildlife 

Your picnic can be as big or as small as you like, from high tea in the park to a cuppa in the garden – it’s up to you!  

So, what are you waiting for? Make a bee-line for our sign-up form below and grab your Pollinator Picnic Pack today! 

We’re teaming up with Florette this summer to run the Pollinator Picnic because the UK’s pollinators urgently need our help.

Our pollinators, like bees, butterflies, hoverflies, and beetles, face many threats. These include habitat loss, climate change, toxic pesticides and disease.

Did you know that around 75% of our crops, including many of our everyday fruit and vegetables, require pollinators to reproduce? Without pollination, we wouldn’t be able to grow enough food to eat.

Without our help, numbers of bees and other pollinators will continue to fall which would be a disaster for farming and food production.

And what would nature be without the buzzing of bees or the beauty of butterflies?

Take part in the Pollinator Picnic this summer and help us make a difference for pollinators.

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