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A community project

Taking positive action for local wildlife

Naturehood empowers you to take positive action for the wildlife on your doorstep, and helps us understand what actions have the best impact on wildlife across the UK.

We provide a range of free resources that will help you take action. You’ll get ideas and inspiration, as well as step-by-step guides. Like our Facebook page to see one new thing to do for wildlife every week, find out fascinating facts about animals and plants, and connect with our scientists.

With Naturehood, you're part of a UK-wide conservation project. As well as being able to take our recommended actions for wildlife, you can take part in surveys that will help you discover all the wildlife that calls your space home. In the future, these surveys may be used to build an understanding of the resources available to wildlife in our Naturespaces. Our recommended actions are are based on research so you know you're choosing an evidence-based way to help wildlife!

You can take part in Naturehood with a garden, patio, balcony, allotment, communal green space or even a window box. We call these areas Naturespaces.

Your Naturespaces have an important role to play in reversing wildlife decline. If all UK gardens were turned into nature-friendly places, it would create a wildlife haven over 430,000 hectares in size!

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