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You’re making a difference for wildlife!

When you send us updates, you become part of a UK-wide wildlife monitoring and conservation project, which will improve understanding of the most effective ways to have a tangible positive impact on wildlife across the UK.

We’re researching how our evidence-based actions work together, and how many times an action needs to be taken (and in what area) to have the most impact on wildlife populations. By understanding this, our communities can come together to make an even bigger difference.

Naturehood Surveys

When you add, replace or remove a wildlife-friendly feature you can complete an Action Log to keep us up to date. These take about 1 minute, and contribute directly to our research.

If you haven’t completed the Me & My Naturespace survey yet, please do so first!

Record your Actions

Me & My NatureSpace Survey
First step
Wildlife passageways
Wildlife ponds
Changed paving
Leaf piles
Log piles
Hedgehog housing
Nest boxes
Compost heaps
Shrubs and bushes
Bee hotels
Flower-rich lawns
Flowers for pollinators
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