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How to help UK wildlife in August

Here are five actions you can do to help your local wildlife in August. 

How to help UK wildlife in July

Here are five actions you can do to help your local wildlife in July. 

How to help UK wildlife in June

Here are actions you can do to help your local wildlife in June. 

How to help UK wildlife in May

Here are five actions you can do to help your local wildlife in May. 

How to take part in the Pollinator Picnic

This summer we're inviting everyone to join the Pollinator Picnic and take action for bees, butterflies and more! Find out how to get involved. 

How to help UK wildlife in April

Here are four actions you can do to help your local wildlife in April. 

Four sustainable gift ideas for nature and science lovers

Here’s our selection of nature-themed and sustainable gifts for any scientists, nature lovers or eco warriors in your life!

Go wild and get creative with nurturing nature and giving back to wildlife this autumn!

Naturehood volunteer blogger, Amber Jepson, shares things you can do this autumn in your outdoor space to help wildlife survive through winter and beyond.

The Naturehood 2022 Photography Competition winners

Congratulations to our 12 Naturehood photography competition winners! Discover their winning wildlife photos and what the judges thought. 

Of beans and badgers – celebrating wildlife as part of National Allotments Week

Our Communications Coordinator, Sophia, shares some impressions from a community allotment in North Oxfordshire, which is currently undergoing a wildlife-friendly makeover.

Have a Pollinator Picnic and fundraise for Naturehood

Host a Pollinator Picnic this summer and fundraise to help us reach and inspire more people to make a positive difference for wildlife!

Introducing our new Naturehood Photographers in Residence for 2022-23

Meet Jamal Kabir and Leah Pink, our Naturehood Photographers in Residence for 2022-23!

Discover toads and how you can help them

Nature writer Cathy tells us all about toads and how we can help them. 

Photographers in Residence: their favourite photos from the year

Discover the Naturehood photographers' favourite photos and the stories behind them. 

What is it like to be a Naturehood Photographer in Residence?

Our Photographers in Residence share their experiences and favourite moments during their time with Naturehood.

Wildlife in winter

University student, Amber Jepson, tells us all about UK wildlife in winter, from migrating birds to hibernation to mating season. 

Nocturnal wildlife you can see in autumn

University student, Amber Jepson, shares the nocturnal and crepuscular wildlife to look out for in autumn.

2022 Naturehood Calendar

Do you think you could capture a winning wildlife shot? If so, then the Naturehood team are excited to be hosting a Calendar Competition for 2022! 

Feeding the birds

Naturehood supporter Alex Acott gives us his best bird feeding advice based on his experiences in his outdoor space.

Summer visitors

By Amber Jepson, Bangor University Summer is here, and with its arrival brings the warm weather that we have been craving, as well as many interesting visitors.

What to spot in summer

By Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University. There is more to enjoy in the summer season than just the (hopefully) warm sunny days! Summer also provides an abundance of wildlife, from returning individuals to the beginning of new life. So making the most of summer is more than just picnics and BBQs - try taking in the sights of nature.
Hedgehog at night

We heart hedgehogs! ❤️🦔

This blog celebrates one of our favourite nocturnal friends – Boost your understanding of their importance and decline, plus find out what we can do to help save them and make your garden a hedgehog haven.
A hedgehog looking at the camera.

Spring into action for hedgehogs!

by Kirsty Crawford, Citizen Science Project Officer, TCV Scotland  Twice voted the UK’s favourite mammal, there’s no doubt that the hedgehog is a much-loved animal. As popular as they are, you might have noticed their absence in gardens and greenspaces in recent years. This Hedgehog Awareness Week (2nd – 8th May), we’re taking a look at the reasons for their decline and what we can do to help.
A blue tit perched on a branch looking directly at the camera

Wildlife photography: get your best shot!

Wildlife photography is a fantastic way to grow your connection to nature and support your wellbeing. It’s a great excuse to spend time outside, and the focus you need to find the perfect shot can help you feel connected to the world around you.
A long-eared bat hanging in a ceiling corner.

Batty for bats!

By Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University. Find out why these amazing creatures should be appreciated in our Naturespaces!
A clump of frogspawn

How to attract frogs

by Alex Acott, Naturehood community member If you want to attract any species, you will need to provide a reason for them to visit. 
A purple lythrum flower

Rain and gardens: a match made in heaven

by Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University  Living in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see rain as just another type of weather that comes in a cycle, waterlogging gardens and making puddles. But alongside any nuisances, rain brings refreshment and life to gardens and wildlife alike.
A painted lady butterfly on a flower

Spring visitors

by Jess Creber, Animal Biology and Conservation, Oxford Brookes University As spring slowly but surely approaches, wildlife that escaped the cold to the south start to come north again.
A blue tit perched on a branch against a vivid green background of leaves

Signs of spring in your Naturespace

Take a deep breath and start to smell spring in the air! Here's our guide to all the species you could start spotting as we head into warmer weather and sunnier days.
Two swans on calm water, they face each other and their necks make the shape of a heart

Valentine’s Day in the wild: true romance?

Think twice about that adorable card showing two animals in love...all might not be as it seems. We've got a whirlwind tale of romance or two for you!
A pond in a garden with plants and ornaments

What's wrong with my pond?

Creating a pond for wildlife is one of the best things that you can do to help your local wildlife. But what do you do when it goes a bit wrong? This blog explores some common pond problems and suggests how you can solve them without breaking the bank.
Robin perched on branch against blue sky

Wellbeing in winter

By Kirsty Crawford, Senior Project Officer Citizen Science (The Conservation Volunteers & Earthwatch Europe) During these unprecedented times; a new lockdown coupled with the dark nights and colder days, we can find a combined negative effect on our mental health. The longer-term effects of this on our collective wellbeing is not yet known, but it is undoubtable that many of us will feel effects of low mood, anxiety and depression more strongly than before.
Tiger hugging a tree

2020: a year for wildlife?

2020 was a year that we will all remember. As well as looking back on lockdowns, social distancing and PPE, there are plenty of positive wildlife stories to remember too! Though it may not have been the promised ‘super year for nature’, there were some fantastic highlights for tree huggers…
A flock of starlings flying against a sunset sky

Winter wildlife spectacles

Winter is a time for dramatic changes, producing wildlife spectacles right around the UK. The beautiful ambers, golds and browns of autumn are now giving way to a stark landscape of big skies and empty fields. This means it is time to change for many animal species too.
Hedgehog in leaves

Who is sheltering in your space this winter?

There are lots of types of animal shelters. From barns and houses that we ourselves use, to caves, burrows and hives that we are not so commonly found in.