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How to help UK wildlife in August

| Sally Smurthwaite
As we settle into the summer holidays this month, our wildlife are also taking some respite. Birds are moulting and refreshing their feathers. Young animals are finding their feet and preparing for a life away from parents. Blackberries are bursti...

How to help UK wildlife in July

| Sally Smurthwaite
As we settle into midsummer, it's the ideal time to enjoy the warm weather and get out in your Naturespace or your community to take action for wildlife.  Here's five actions for local wildlife you can do in July.   Set up a moth trap Setting...

How to help UK wildlife in June

| Sally Smurthwaite
With summer round the corner, chicks are fledging, caterpillars are emerging and mammal young are being born. Our wildlife is also being hit with high summer temperatures, so they need all the help we can provide this month to thrive.  Here's fou...

How to help UK wildlife in May

| Sally Smurthwaite
Spring is now at its peak with the wonder of the dawn chorus serenading us on early mornings, trees bursting into leaf and wildflowers blooming from unmown spaces. As much of our wildlife are now raising young, it's an important time to give them ...

How to take part in the Pollinator Picnic

| Sally Smurthwaite
We’re un-bee-lievably excited to introduce you to this year’s Pollinator Picnic! Read on to find out more about the campaign, why pollinators need help and how you can get involved. What is the Pollinator Picnic? The Pollinator Picnic is a nat...

How to help UK wildlife in April

| Sally Smurthwaite
As the beauty of spring begins to unfold around us in April, it's one of the best times to get into action for wildlife. Plants are beginning to grow, birds are nesting and insects such as butterflies and bees are emerging from hibernation (or tor...