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Have a Pollinator Picnic and fundraise for Naturehood

24 May 2022

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By having a Pollinator Picnic and fundraising with friends, family, at your school or within your wider community this summer, you can help us reach and inspire more people to make a positive difference for wildlife!

Across the UK, our wildlife, especially our pollinators like bees and butterflies, are facing more challenges than ever before. Over 70% of our butterflies and a third of British wild bees and hoverflies are in decline. Climate change, habitat loss, and pesticide use are all factors contributing to these losses.

What would nature be like without the buzzing of bees or the beauty of butterflies?

But there is hope! By providing safe havens in our outdoor spaces (big or small!) we can help our wildlife make a comeback. Help us bring wildlife back into our outdoor spaces and communities by fundraising for Naturehood!

Here’s a guide to having your very own Pollinator Picnic this summer. It can be as big or small as you like, perhaps with just a few friends and family or something involving the whole community!

Have a picnic with friends and family

All you have to do to join the Pollinator Picnic is to get outdoors this summer and have a picnic with friends and family! Have a picnic in your garden or local park, get your loved ones involved and use our printable Pollinator Spotter Sheet to look out for and tick off any pollinators like bees and butterflies that you spot. It's a great activity to do with kids! 

Once you've had your picnic, show your appreciation for pollinators by donating to our Pollinator Picnic campaign. You can donate here.

Host a Pollinator Picnic event in your community

If you would like to do more to support Naturehood, you could organise a Pollinator Picnic fundraiser in your community or with a local group. 

The first step is creating a fundraising page for your Pollinator Picnic! Head to our Pollinator Picnic fundraising campaign and set up your own fundraising page by clicking the ‘Start fundraising’ button. Add the event details and encourage people to take part and support you. Perhaps add your own story about why you want to help wildlife.

When and where

Think about the best time and date for your Pollinator Picnic event. For example, perhaps more people will be able to come if you have your picnic on a weekend or evening. But if you’re hosting it at a school with students or at a workplace you might want to host it on a weekday during the lunchbreak.

Your local green space such as a park or village green is likely the easiest place to have a Pollinator Picnic. But there may also be other great venues in your locality. Maybe a community centre with an outdoor space or your local school. Anywhere with patches of nature where pollinators are likely to visit will work!

Promote your picnic

Once you have decided when and where your picnic is taking place, it’s time to invite people from your community. 

Setting up a Facebook event, sharing it and inviting all your friends is a great way to promote your picnic. Also add a link to your fundraising page so people can find out more and see where to donate to support you. Share your event in local events groups or community groups on Facebook to further raise awareness in your community.

Get the venue on board too, if you’re hosting at a school, for example, encourage them to promote the event for you. If you are hosting in a public space like a park, ask your local council or park organisation to promote it too. They will likely have social media channels and email newsletters where they can share your event. They might even be interested in attending or supporting your picnic in some way.

Use our printable poster/flyer which is included in the Pollinator Picnic Pack to advertise locally on noticeboards and local shops. Get creative, there could be lots of ways to raise awareness of your Pollinator Picnic!

Also let us know when and where your Pollinator Picnic is taking place by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help promote your picnic too!

Hosting your picnic

The most important part of any picnic is the food! Consider whether you want to be in charge of providing all the food or perhaps ask everyone to bring their own? You could organise a pot luck, where everyone who attends brings something different to share (usually homemade). Selling food at your picnic could also be a creative way to fundraise, you could run a cake sale for example.

Think about any activities you might want to do on the day. Print out our spotter sheet and pollinator survey checklist included in the Pollinator Picnic Pack and invite everyone to look out for the species on the list!

Encourage everyone who attends to make a donation. Share a link to your Pollinator Picnic fundraising page so they can donate using their phones on the day. If you are tech savvy, you could even create a QR code linking to your fundraising page and print it out so attendees can scan it with their phones on the day to donate. Or people can choose to give you a cash donation. Collect it somewhere safe, count it up and add the amount online to your fundraising page after the event.

Remember to clear up any litter after the picnic and take it home with you. 

Our Pollinator Picnic Pack is filled with printable resources to help you run your Pollinator Picnic! Find it here.  

Other ways you can fundraise

If you are unable to host a community Pollinator Picnic, you can still help raise money to help wildlife. Here’s some ideas:

  • Set up a fundraiser on your Facebook or Instagram with Naturehood as your chosen charity
  • Have a sponsored picnic or camp out in your garden
  • Do a sponsored pollinator walk and see how many pollinators you can spot
  • Get more ideas and tips in our Earthwatch Fundraising Pack
  • Or donate directly to our Pollinator Picnic fundraiser here


If you have any questions or ideas to discuss, feel free to get in touch with us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would also love to see photos and stories from your Pollinator Picnic, you can tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and include the hashtag #PollinatorPicnic or email us after your event!

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