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Four sustainable gift ideas for nature and science lovers

25 November 2022

It’s that time of year again, when we all start racking our brains to think of unique gift ideas for our friends and family. Well, if you have any scientists, nature lovers or eco warriors in your life, look no further! Here’s our selection of nature-themed and sustainable gifts that will satisfy even the fussiest friend or family member.

Every purchase will support Earthwatch Europe’s vital work to protect and restore our planet, from connecting people with nature in their communities to monitoring our water resources to planting Tiny Forests across the UK.


Nature and science inspired clothing

We offer a range of sustainable t-shirts, jumpers, hoodies and tote bags for adults and children. Their designs are inspired by nature or feature elements from our citizen science programmes.

We also have Christmas jumpers for the festive season. The perfect gift for Christmas, and they can be worn again every year.

All our clothes are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and printed in factories powered by renewable energy.

Every garment is designed to be returned to our supplier when it’s worn out, so it can be recycled, and made into new products which means no waste adding to landfill.

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Naturehood wildlife calendar 


Our stunning wildlife calendar is the ideal gift for the wildlife lover in your life who likes to stay organised!

This calendar features all the key wildlife dates in the year, from the Big Garden Birdwatch to 30 Days Wild. Each month also includes seasonal tips on how to help wildlife.

All the photos featured in our calendar were captured by the talented winners of our Naturehood wildlife photography competition.

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Nature and environment book subscription


The Earthwatch Book Club is the perfect option for those who love to nerd out over nature or get geeky about environmental science.

Our carefully-selected books cover a range of topics from nature, conservation science and the environment. A gift subscription will also include access to exclusive author Q & A sessions, offers on events and other recommended reads, and the chance to become a member of the online community.

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Sponsor a tree

We all seem to have that person in our life who has everything they could possible ever want or need! Get them something that will create lasting impact instead, by sponsoring a tree.

When you sponsor a tree, you will get to choose the species. You and the gift recipient will be emailed a certificate with a unique code. From Christmas day, this unique code can be used to find out where the sapling is due to be planted.

Earthwatch will send updates so you can follow the sapling’s journey to its new home where it will be planted by the local community. It will then be nurtured for years to come by passionate volunteers.

All sponsored saplings will be planted as part of the Tiny Forest programme. The saplings will be part of the growing movement of Tiny Forests, bringing wildlife-rich spaces and nature connection to the urban communities and future generations that need them most.

Sponsor a sapling

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Unless otherwise credited, all illustrations © Chris Shields, and all wildlife photographs © Steven Falk
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