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A long-eared bat hanging in a ceiling corner.

Batty for bats!

| Alice Crouch
After a winter of hibernation, bats are amongst the many creatures to awake and make the most of the coming weather. But what makes bats so special? Bats are a sign. Not of disease or gothic monsters as some may think, but of healthy ecosystems a...
A clump of frogspawn

How to attract frogs

| Alice Crouch
by Alex Acott, Naturehood community member If you want to attract any species, you will need to provide a reason for them to visit. If you can fulfil their ecological needs by providing a place to hide, breed and eat you stand to have the best ch...
A purple lythrum flower

Rain and gardens: a match made in heaven

| Alice Crouch
by Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University  Living in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see rain as just another type of weather that comes in a cycle, waterlogging gardens and making puddles. But alongside any nuisances, rain brings refreshme...
A painted lady butterfly on a flower

Spring visitors

| Alice Crouch
by Jess Creber, Animal Biology and Conservation, Oxford Brookes University As spring slowly but surely approaches, wildlife that escaped the cold to the south start to come north again. From the swift’s brief breeding visit to the continuous migr...
A blue tit perched on a branch against a vivid green background of leaves

Signs of spring in your Naturespace

| Alice Crouch
There may still be a few frosty nights to come in the next couple of weeks, but change is in the air. The sights, sounds and smells of spring are starting to gather pace at last! This includes some fantastic stories of rebirth and return of wildli...
Two swans on calm water, they face each other and their necks make the shape of a heart

Valentine’s Day in the wild: true romance?

| Alice Crouch
Around Valentine’s Day you’re sure to see an iconic image or two of ‘animals in love’, such as a pair of swans. But don’t be fooled! Relationships in the animal kingdom don’t fit into the societal and cultural expectations we have for human relati...

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Unless otherwise credited, all illustrations © Chris Shields, and all wildlife photographs © Steven Falk
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