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The 2019 State of Nature report found that in just 50 years, a worrying 41% of species in the UK have declined in number. Ever-increasing pressures– from climate change to pollution – threaten our wildlife, with 15% of species in Great Britain now at risk of extinction.

But there is hope. By taking small, simple actions we can all play a part in helping UK wildlife to thrive. We’re gathering data from local residents in Naturehoods across Oxford to help us understand more about the species in these areas, and ultimately take positive action for wildlife.

To help spread this message to do #OneThingForWildlife we are running a campaign competition. All you have to do is sign up and register an action on your Naturehood account to enter in to our prize draw!

Chloë is our Naturehood Community Engagement Officer in Oxford, running wildlife activities and providing advice to help local people make small changes for nature.


Our Naturehood Community in Oxford


Upcoming Events

Chloë will be hosting drop in sessions in Florence Park and Marston starting in February. Come along to discover how easy and fun it is to support your local wildlife, whether you fancy building a bird box or just finding out more about Naturehood! 

Where in Marston? The Up In Arms

When? 3pm - 6pm First Tuesday of the month from 4 February

Where in Florence Park? Flo's Cafe - The Place In The Park

When? 12noon - 4pm First Wednesday of the month from 5 February

There are already incredible achievements for wildlife in Marston thanks to groups like The Friends of Milham Ford Nature Park and Marston Community Gardening. These groups have helped diversify local habitats, by creating a biodiverse pond network at Milham Ford and more recently a community orchard. By supporting Naturehood, you can help us build something truly impactful – if scaled up and rolled out across the country, this project could be an absolute game-changer for UK wildlife.

For other Naturehood events check out our Events Page.

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Florence Park

Florence Park and the surrounding housing estate area of East Oxford was built in the 1930s as housing for new workers at the Morris Motors factory in Cowley – now well known as the Mini Plant.  The park itself opened in 1934, featuring stunning flowerbeds and tree avenues, and was presented to the City by Councillor F.E. Moss, in memory of his sister Florence. 

The present day community in this area is diverse, with many locals actively contributing to community groups focused on the environment and food waste. Flo’s, The Place in the Park, and the Florence Park Community Centre all provide vital spaces for meet-ups, clubs and events, including the much loved annual FloFest.

The area has also enjoyed an impressive allotment provision for many years, including the East Ward Allotment grounds, which have been under cultivation for over a century. Part of their original grounds now form the Boundary Brook Nature Park, providing a haven for wildlife in the urban landscape.

With so many different groups and ventures, Florence Park is an exciting place to launch Naturehood. By harnessing this fantastic local community spirit and the enthusiasm from local schools, we hope that wildlife here will thrive.

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Marston has two distinct areas, Old Marston, which encompasses the original village to the north, and New Marston, a suburb that developed to fill the rural gap between St Clements and Marston village. 

The diversity of public green space within Marston provides allotments, recreation opportunities and areas for wildlife. The Friends of Milham Ford Nature Park already maintain and boost biodiversity in the area, whilst offering practical volunteering opportunities. Additionally, the new community orchard, planted by the Marston Community Gardening Group, will provide fruit-bearing trees for years to come.

Marston’s community feel makes it an ideal place for Naturehood, so with small actions from residents, we’ll be able to make Marston a real wildlife haven.

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By selecting one or more of our five priority species, you can help us find out more about their life cycle and how their habitat affects them, and access specific activities to help you support that species.
By selecting one or more of our five priority species, you can help us find out more about their life cycle and how their habitat affects them, and access specific activities to help you support that species. This feed shows you the activities you can complete next. We’ll remind you when there’s an activity coming up for you to complete.
We need to know as much as possible about your Naturespace – it could be your garden, a window box, an area of your school grounds or even a public space like a park. To fully take part in Naturehood you’ll need to work through the four stages in this section.
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If you manage to get a great photo of one of our five priority species within your Naturespace, you can tell us about it and upload images here.
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By selecting one or more of our five priority species, you can help us find out more about their life cycle and how their habitat affects them, and access specific activities to help you support that species.
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