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Naturehood connects you and your neighbours in a new urban community wildlife project aiming to reverse wildlife decline.
Funded by a grant of £99,200 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, Earthwatch Europe have partnered with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to deliver the first phase of the project. Kicking off in early 2019, Naturehood aims to bridge the gap between urban living and wildlife, to support the recovery of UK species from a local to national scale.


Community Engagement Officer (Oxford)

Hi everyone! I’m Chloë and I joined the Naturehood project in October 2017, after working on Earthwatch Europe’s ‘Climate Change in Wytham Woods’ project.

My experience: After completing my MSc in Biodiversity Conservation with Bournemouth University, I worked across surveying and mitigation of the UK’s protected species. I have also worked on conservation research expeditions in some of the most remote areas of the world.

My passion for nature has focused my career on helping people learn and engaging with the world around them, so I am really excited to continue this within Naturehood communities.

My hobbies: Outside of work, I like to spend time outdoors and I also enjoy riding horses, climbing and yoga.


Community Engagement Officer (Swindon)

Hello! I’m Jo and I joined the Naturehood team in November 2018, under our partner organisation, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

My experience: I moved into this new role after having worked for a well-known resources management company. I have previous experience of working and volunteering for a variety of environmental organisations, concentrating on environmental education, communications and public campaigns.
My main career focus is community engagement, so I enjoy helping people connect with nature.

My hobbies: In my spare time, I spend a lot of time outdoors, especially with my elderly horse. I also love performance and circus arts, travelling, wild foraging, plant-based cooking and I am currently studying to complete a Master Herbalist course.


Programme Coordinator

Hey! I’m James, I joined the Naturehood team in September 2019.

My experience: Since completing my studies in Geography at the University of Oxford I have been working and volunteering with environmental NGOs to try and help improve the conditions for wildlife in the UK.

My role as Programme Coordinator involves supporting design and delivery of the community engagement and school education programme, as well as research and project development.

My hobbies: During my spare time, I play korfball for the Oxford City 'foxes' and enjoy exploring the different wildlife reserves around Oxford.


Programme Manager

Hi there, I’m Ben and I have been the Programme Manager of Naturehood since October 2017. After graduating from the University of Sheffield, I spent 18 years working for a large environmental organisation across Greater Manchester and Lancashire.

My experience: I have consistently worked to connect people with their local environment, delivering projects ranging from community pocket parks, to major historic landscape restoration initiatives.

My voluntary work, through committee roles, has included practical conservation and habitat management, including maintaining and improving my local park.

My hobbies: My spare time is usually spent exploring local landscapes and footpaths accompanied by my Patterdale terrier and my children.


Research Manager

Hi, I’m Tristan and I joined Earthwatch and the Naturehood team in April 2018.

My experience: Previously, I worked as a researcher and PhD student in conservation science. My research has used approaches from both the natural and social sciences, to investigate how we can plan, build and modify our towns and cities to better meet the needs of people and the environment.
I am also fascinated by how members of the public can collect useful large-scale and long-term data to help answer important scientific questions.

My hobbies: Outside of work, I have two rescue cats and I try to do everything that I can to reduce their impacts on garden wildlife! Additionally, I enjoy travelling and going to music gigs and festivals.

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Connect with Naturehood:
By selecting one or more of our five priority species, you can help us find out more about their life cycle and how their habitat affects them, and access specific activities to help you support that species.
By selecting one or more of our five priority species, you can help us find out more about their life cycle and how their habitat affects them, and access specific activities to help you support that species. This feed shows you the activities you can complete next. We’ll remind you when there’s an activity coming up for you to complete.
We need to know as much as possible about your Naturespace – it could be your garden, a window box, an area of your school grounds or even a public space like a park. To fully take part in Naturehood you’ll need to work through the four stages in this section.
If you’ve taken any of the Naturehood actions since setting up your Naturespace, record them here. Please click on the ‘Tell us’ button next to the relevant action icon.
If you belong to one of our designated Naturehoods, a map of the area will appear here and you will view data specific to your Naturehood. Otherwise you will be assigned to the “Global” Naturehood and will view data from across the UK.
If you manage to get a great photo of one of our five priority species within your Naturespace, you can tell us about it and upload images here.
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By selecting one or more of our five priority species, you can help us find out more about their life cycle and how their habitat affects them, and access specific activities to help you support that species.
The species quizzes are a fun way for you to get started with Naturehood and test your knowledge on any of our Naturehood 5 species. Click on any of the species icons to get started.