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Nocturnal wildlife you can see in autumn

| Sally Smurthwaite
By Amber Jepson, Bangor University Many of us love and appreciate our native wildlife and enjoy the wonderful changes the seasons bring about. Summer's end is nigh and now we can expect to see the wonders of autumn seeping into nature; seen in th...

2022 Naturehood Calendar

| Rosina Blake
  Do you think you could capture a winning wildlife shot? If so, then we would like to give you, our Naturehood community, the opportunity to join us in celebrating nature every day of the year. Which is why the Naturehood team is thrilled to b...

Feeding the birds

| Alice Crouch
By Alex Acott, Naturehood supporter Putting out food in your garden brings in quite a variety of wildlife and often in large numbers - even getting normally secretive species to visit and offer some amazing views! Some of my best wildlife encount...

Summer visitors

| Alice Crouch
Summer is here, and with its arrival brings the warm weather that we have been craving, as well as many interesting visitors, from migrating birds to one of the second largest fish in the sea; the basking shark. Summer is a flurry of colour, where...

What to spot in summer

| Alice Crouch
By Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University There is more to enjoy in the summer season than just the (hopefully) warm sunny days! Summer also provides an abundance of wildlife, from returning individuals to the beginning of new life. So making...
Hedgehog at night

We heart hedgehogs! ❤️🦔

| James
By Amber Jepson, Zoology, Bangor University  It is that time of year...finally! The long winter nights and harsh weather is starting to dissipate and make way for the fresh start that spring offers. Alongside the waking spring season, some specie...

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