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A blue tit perched on a branch against a vivid green background of leaves

Signs of spring in your Naturespace

| Alice Crouch
There may still be a few frosty nights to come in the next couple of weeks, but change is in the air. The sights, sounds and smells of spring are starting to gather pace at last! This includes some fantastic stories of rebirth and return of wildli...
Two swans on calm water, they face each other and their necks make the shape of a heart

Valentine’s Day in the wild: true romance?

| Alice Crouch
Around Valentine’s Day you’re sure to see an iconic image or two of ‘animals in love’, such as a pair of swans. But don’t be fooled! Relationships in the animal kingdom don’t fit into the societal and cultural expectations we have for human relati...
A pond in a garden with plants and ornaments

What's wrong with my pond?

| Alice Crouch
Creating a pond for wildlife is one of the best things that you can do to help your local wildlife. Even a mini pond on a balcony can quickly become home to a number of plants and invertebrates, as well as attracting thirsty visiting birds. If you...
Robin perched on branch against blue sky

Wellbeing in winter

| Alice Crouch
By Kirsty Crawford, Senior Project Officer Citizen Science (The Conservation Volunteers & Earthwatch Europe) During these unprecedented times; a new lockdown coupled with the dark nights and colder days, we can find a combined negative effect...
Tiger hugging a tree

2020: a year for wildlife?

| Alice Crouch
2020 was a year that we will all remember. As well as looking back on lockdowns, social distancing and PPE, there are plenty of positive wildlife stories to remember too! Though it may not have been the promised ‘super year for nature’, there were...
A flock of starlings flying against a sunset sky

Winter wildlife spectacles

| Alice Crouch
Winter is a time for dramatic changes, producing wildlife spectacles right around the UK. The beautiful ambers, golds and browns of autumn are now giving way to a stark landscape of big skies and empty fields. This means it is time to change for m...
Unless otherwise credited, all illustrations © Chris Shields, and all wildlife photographs © Steven Falk
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