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Hedgehog at night

We heart hedgehogs! ❤️🦔

| James
By Amber Jepson, Zoology, Bangor University  It is that time of year...finally! The long winter nights and harsh weather is starting to dissipate and make way for the fresh start that spring offers. Alongside the waking spring season, some specie...
A hedgehog looking at the camera.

Spring into action for hedgehogs!

| Alice Crouch
by Kirsty Crawford, Citizen Science Project Officer, TCV Scotland  Twice voted the UK’s favourite mammal, there’s no doubt that the hedgehog is a much-loved animal. As popular as they are, you might have noticed their absence in gardens and green...
A blue tit perched on a branch looking directly at the camera

Wildlife photography: get your best shot!

| Alice Crouch
Wildlife photography is a fantastic way to grow your connection to nature and support your wellbeing. It’s a great excuse to spend time outside, and the focus you need to find the perfect shot can help you feel connected to the world around you. ...
A long-eared bat hanging in a ceiling corner.

Batty for bats!

| Alice Crouch
by Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University  After a winter of hibernation, bats are amongst the many creatures to awake and make the most of the coming weather. But what makes bats so special? Bats are a sign. Not of disease or gothic monster...
A clump of frogspawn

How to attract frogs

| Alice Crouch
by Alex Acott, Naturehood community member If you want to attract any species, you will need to provide a reason for them to visit. If you can fulfil their ecological needs by providing a place to hide, breed and eat you stand to have the best ch...
A purple lythrum flower

Rain and gardens: a match made in heaven

| Alice Crouch
by Daniel Vickers, Zoology, Bangor University  Living in the United Kingdom, it is easy to see rain as just another type of weather that comes in a cycle, waterlogging gardens and making puddles. But alongside any nuisances, rain brings refreshme...

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